The African-American Jazz 
​Preservation Society of Pittsburgh

Our History

The African American Jazz Preservation Society of Pittsburgh is itself an outgrowth of the realization that a great deal of the rich cultural contributions made to the genre of jazz originated from musicians who were born, raised, living or have lived in Pittsburgh, including George Benson, Billy Eckstein, and Billy Strayhorn, among others. The mission of AAJPSP is to preserve, disseminate and promote the history, accomplishments and talents of the African-American jazz experience, including related genres such as Blues and Gospel, through programs and services that distinguish the African-American musical community as a valuable educational, cultural, economic and social asset of the Pittsburgh region. The need to preserve, disseminate and promote the history, accomplishments and music of the African-American jazz artist (including Avant-Garde, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and all improvisatory music emanating from the African-American community), cannot be over-emphasized.

As the only major organization in Pittsburgh dedicated to the preservation, dissemination and promotion of Pittsburgh’s black jazz history, AAJPSP is the most natural community stakeholder to undertake this series. Our ongoing success in maintaining ties with older black musicians and in bringing them together, both to perform and to receive the public recognition due to them, convinces us that this series is a worthwhile fulfilment of our mission.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

(412) 389-2264